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Hydroponic Horticultural Shop

About us

BUDSEASON has been a growing company since 2012. We welcome all gardeners, from the hobby programme to the professional programme, for growing different types of plants.

Wherever you are, we are here for you with all the knowledge you need to continue growing horti culturing on hydroponics, soil or coir.

We can also be reached at a fixed location Letališka cesta 34, 1000 Ljubljana, where you can also visit us.

BUDSEASON was born out of a passion for growing plants indoors, because we know how good it feels to have home-grown crops all year round. For us, our main mission is to bring the knowledge of indoor plant cultivation to all those who choose to do so.
For us, growing plants indoors is an unfinished story, with new methods and techniques coming onto the market all the time.

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Lamps LED, Lighting For Plants

15,90  Z vklj. DDV

Ni na zalogi
LED fixture, Lighting For Plants

79,99  Z vklj. DDV

Ni na zalogi
LED fixture, Lighting For Plants

759,00  Z vklj. DDV

Fertilizer & Additives, Germination and Cultivation, Irrigation, Other Brand Nutrients, Substrates

32,95  Z vklj. DDV

Lighting For Plants, Reflectors

79,95  Z vklj. DDV

Lighting For Plants, Reflectors

79,95  Z vklj. DDV

Lighting For Plants, Reflectors

59,95  Z vklj. DDV

Germination and Cultivation, Growth Technology, Planting and Transplanting

9,95  Z vklj. DDV

Lighting For Plants, Time Controllers

139,01  Z vklj. DDV

Lamps HPS, Lighting For Plants

30,00  Z vklj. DDV

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