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Airfan Healthcare HS300 humidifier

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The Airfan Healthcare HS300 humidifier automatically regulates the desired humidity in the room.


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Airfan Healthcare HS300 humidifier

The Airfan Healthcare HS300 humidifier automatically regulates the desired humidity in the room. The HS 300 is suitable for medium and large rooms, up to 300 m³ (100 m² x 3 m height). For rooms larger than 300 m³, several HS 300 humidifiers can be connected at the same time to form a complete humidification system. The HS 300 humidifier has a built-in humidity meter which automatically ensures that the device automatically adjusts the humidity to the preset humidity.

Setting the desired humidity level is easy with the handy round adjustment knob, which allows you to select a humidity level between 20% and 100%. The HS 300 has a built-in overfill or spill prevention system to ensure safety against water spillage.

The HS 300 can be connected to the mains water supply or manually tapped. The tank capacity is 24 litres and the current water consumption is only 0.8 litres per hour.

The humidifier is in three parts and can be assembled in any variation.


  • More mist output than conventional humidifiers
  • Extremely fine fog (fog droplets < 10 µm)
  • Suitable for medium and large rooms
  • Connection to the water supply network
  • Smart automatic control
  • Protection (against water spillage)
  • Protection (against overfilling)
  • High efficiency and energy savings
  • Easy installation and use
  • Quiet operation


  • Model Airfan healtcare HS 300 humidifier
  • Power 100W
  • Voltage 220- 240V
  • Frequency 50 Hz
  • Suitable for spaces up to 300m3
  • Tank capacity 24 Liter
  • Volume 30Db
  • Dimensions 362x 206x 550 mm
  • Net weight 4,5 Kg
  • Gross weight 6,5 Kg
  • The water temperature should be between 10 – 40 ºC
  • Water pressure 0,1 to 0,5 MPa
  • Water consumption is 800 ml per hour

We suggest!

  • Use soft or distilled water, as if you use hard mains water you will need to clean limescale regularly. Chemical solvents are not recommended as they can cause permanent damage to the internal parts. Clean with mild cleaning agents such as vinegar, use a soft cloth and avoid hard, abrasive sponges.


Warranty: 1. year


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