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Milwaukee MC 720 pH controller

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Milwaukke MC720 pH meter

Automatic doser and pH adjuster for hydroponic plant cultivation. Automatic monitoring and regulation of the pH value of the Milwaukee MC720 nutrient solution.

The pH controller (MC122) and dosing pump (MP810) provide fully automated control of the pH value of the nutrient solution in the hydroponic system. The fine and precise flow of the peristaltic pump allows you to maintain the ideal pH value in your tank. After you select the setting that suits you (from pH 5.5 to pH 9.5), the pH meter/controller will measure the pH value of the nutrient solution and automatically adjust the pH value (acidic or alkaline). The set includes a pH meter/regulator (MC122), a peristaltic dosing pump (MP810) and an electrode/probe (MA911B/2).

MC122 pH meter controller:

– Professional pH meter and regulator, perfect for use in hydroponics or hydroponic plant breeding
– With Milwaukee regulators you can monitor and control the pH value in your nutrient tank
– Milwaukee Instruments “MC” controller also has LED light for alarm notifications
– The power supply to the controller is switched on when the pH value is above or below (depending on how you have set the controller) the selected setpoint
– The set includes a 12 V DC adapter for the controller, mounting kit, probe, probe holder and pH calibration solvent (pH4 20 ml and pH7 20 ml).

MA911B/2 Electrode/Probe

– Double joint, gel-filled electrode, BNC connector for connection to MC122 pH controller, 1 m long cable

MP810 Peristaltic dosing pump/ 1.5 L/h

– Continuous 1.5 L/h dispensing flow (25 cc min), no additional regulation required, maximum pressure 1 bar, made of special resistant material
– Polypropylene (PP), Santoprene peristaltic tube
– The pump is supplied complete with mounting bracket, screws, 1.5 m PE hose, filter, fitting and 230 V AC +-10% power cable (2.6 m).

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Measuring devices

Why are pH meters so important?

The pH value indicates how acidic / basic a liquid or soil is. For your plants to thrive, it is important to pay attention to the pH value of the soil and the irrigation water!

Most plants are most comfortable in a slightly acidic to slightly alkaline environment. This corresponds to a pH value of 6 to 7.5.

Choosing the right measuring device depends on factors such as the desired accuracy and your budget. Take a look at our selection and get an overview!

Ask? We are happy to help you find the right pH meter for you and your projects!


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