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Fluence Bioengineering, Inc./ Designed and Built In Austin, Texas

Set vsebuje:

1x SpydrX Plus 330W

1x adapter z EU vtičem

1x Napajalni kabel 

 - PPF: 810 µmol/s
- Efficacy: 2.5 µmol/J
- Input Power: 345W


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Full Spectrum!

Fluence Bioengineering SPYDRx grow lights are highly recommended LED grow lights that were previously sold under the name BML Spydr. Fluence SPYDRx grow lights are powerful LED grow lights that are known for their even spread of light across the culture surface. Most LED grow lights by other brands struggle to spread light; they often have very high PAR-values in the centre directly underneath the grow light, but quickly lose PAR strength once you measure away from the centre. Fluence has a much better solution to that problem with their SPYDRx grow lights. Because of the enormous measurements of the SPYDRx grow lights (112 X 107 cm/44 x 42 inches, no less) and the use of a number of parallel LED tubes ensure the even spread of light across the culture surface. The SPYDRx grow lights will not achieve high peak values directly underneath the grow light, but will on average emit more PAR to plants across the entire surface than most LED grow lights with high values in the centre that quickly drop off to the sides. The major advantage that comes with an even spread without significant peaks is that the SPYDRx grow lights can be fixed much lower above the plant. An LED grow light that has a very high peak in the centre, has to be hung 50-60 cm (2 feet) above the plant, because the plants directly underneath the centre of this grow light will pale in the too-powerful LED light. While plants at the sides will probably not receive enough light, because these grow lights are not nearly as powerful at the sides. A logical consequence of this is that large differences can arise between plants grown under the same grow light. Fluence SPYDRx grow lights can be hung at 15 cm (6 inches!) above the plant. All plants underneath the SPYDRx grow lights are given practically the same amount of light and PAR, allowing them all to go through the same development. 

This SPYDRx LED grow light has five powerful LED tubes, which together create a reach of at least 120 x 120 cm (4 x 4 feet). The SPYDRx grow light has been developed to serve as source of light in the early development stage of the plant, or as full-cycle light source for plants with a normal light requirements. 

Fluence SPYDRx Plus LED grow lights do not have their own programming options. For this reason, Fluence Bioengineering has developed the Solunar Controller, allowing luminosity to be determined and programmed. This makes it possible, for instance, to give a lower light intensity in the growing phase by dimming the lights. The SoLunar controller has built-in timer functions, allowing you to imitate the natural sunrise and sunset, by slowly building up light intensity at the start of the ‘day’ and slowly diminishing it at the end of the ‘day’. This means less unnecessary stress for the plant, created by the shock effect caused by the sudden change from complete darkness to complete light and vice versa. The SoLunar controller has connection options for up to three SPYDRx LED grow lights, which can be set collectively or individually. 

-    Power consumption: 330 Watt
-    Comparible with:  600 Watt HPS
-    Advised height: at least 15 cm above the canopy
-    Footprint: 120 x 120 cm (with height mentioned above)
-    Lifespan: + 50.000 hours
-    Weight: 10 kilogram
-    Dimensions: 112 x 107 x 12 cm

Fluence Bioengineering uses a unique colour spectrum, which they call PhysioSpec. This spectrum diverges significantly from the spectrums that other brands use in their LED grow lights. Most LED producers are convinced that the plant primarily absorbs light in the blue and red parts of the spectrum, and that green light is not used by the plant to photosynthesise. Fluence’s opinion on this, however, differs quite significantly. Research into the photosynthetic activity of plants under different wavelengths, carried out by prominent plant scientists Keith McCree and Katsumi Inada, has supposedly shown that green light is nearly as effective for a significant number of plant species as blue light. The explanation (in short) for this experimental fact was that these plant species were to have evolved both biochemically and biophysically, in order to make better use of green light.

Solunar Controller:

The SoLunar Controller is a programmable dimming system that can be linked to the Fluence SPYDRx LED grow lights. The SoLunar Controller makes it possible to set the SPYDRx grow light’s luminosity. The SoLunar has a digital 24-hour clock, which also allows you to set a programme. This allows you to build up luminosity at the beginning of the ‘day’ up to full power and at the end of the ‘day’, gently lower it down from full power to complete darkness. This way you can imitate the natural sunrise and sunset. The plant is comfortable and does not undergo the shock effect (stress) of going from complete darkness to full luminosity and vice versa. 

The SoLunar controller has three output ports that allow you to connect SPYDRx LED grow lights. These three LED grow lights can be programmed either collectively or individually. The SoLunar controller comes with three connecting cables for SPYDRx LED grow lights. 

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