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DimLux Xtreme Series NIR+UV-A ADD-ON LED-140W

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DimLux Xtreme Series NIR+UV-A ADD-ON LED-140W is the perfect integration with the 750w and 1000w W LEDs of the Xtreme Series.


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DimLux Xtreme Series NIR+UV-A ADD-ON LED-140W

DimLux Xtreme Series NIR+UV-A ADD-ON LED-140W is the perfect integration with the 750w and 1000w W LEDs of the Xtreme Series. Suitable for competing brands where the beam spacing is 5 cm (1.97″) and the support arm spacing is 108 cm (42.51″)

Perfect integration with Dimlux Xtreme Series 750W on 1000W LEDs


DimLux Xtreme Series NIR+UV-A ADD-ON LED can be used as a photosynthesis promoter in combination with red light. Used after sunset, it accelerates the nocturnal metabolism and sleep rhythm. It accelerates flower set and possibly shortens the night and lengthens the day for more photosynthesis (higher DLI). During the initial growth and flowering phase, plants may become taller. Conversely, plants may initially remain very compact (far red off), but as they move into the flowering phase (far red on), the synergistic effect of the additional far red can be exploited.


UV-A increases resistance to fungi and other pathogens. Increases the production of resin, which secretes flavonoids and terpenes. The plant becomes stronger, healthier, shorter and increases root production. Leaves will turn darker green due to increased pigmentation. It adds extra photons used in photosynthesis, resulting in higher yields. In combination with the additional ingredient UV-B, UV-A helps protect against UV-B-induced damage to DNA, proteins and nucleic acids in plant cells. When UV-A and UV-B are combined in the right amounts and for the right length of time, they have a synergistic stress-response effect that makes them even more potent and less harmful than UV-B alone.

Patented technology, advances in LED technology and optimal thermal design will make the 500 W, 750 W and 1000 W LED Dimlux Xtreme Series the preferred choice, offering growers a significant return on investment. The PhytoVegSpec® adjustable growth spectrum combines full control over light quality (spectral adjustability) and quantity (intensity and DLI), ensuring even light distribution with exceptional penetration into the foliage.


Independent control of the NIR and UV-A channels allows mixing the right amount of light for growth/feeding at any time during the growth cycle.

As the plant progresses through the growth phase, you can gradually increase the amount of UV-A. NIR can be added during the flowering phase and used as an accelerator of photosynthesis together with red. In addition, by adding NIR photons early at night, the far-red phytochrome can be more rapidly converted to the inactive red form of phytochrome.   As a result, the plant “falls asleep” more quickly, increasing photosynthesis during the day and improving metabolism at night.


Xtreme NIR+UV-A ADD-ON LED Dimlux features:

  • 100 W FAR RED LED / 40 W UV-A LED
  • Patented lens with extremely high wide beam transmittance
  • Built-in controller with light sensor
  • Can be controlled with Maxi or third-party controllers
  • Connections for daisy chain power supply and Interlink
  • Installation of multiple lights from a single socket
  • Upgradeable via Wi-Fi or Interlink
  • Built-in spirit level for horizontal adjustment

* Suitable for competing brands, subject to 5 cm (1.97″) beam spacing and 108 cm (42.51″) support arm spacing


Technical Specifications Xtreme NIR+UV-A ADD-ON LED Dimlux:

  • LED: 140 W dual-band LED light source
  • Adjustable spectrum FAR RED (NIR) and UV-A
  • FAR RED photon flux (670-760 nm) 247 µmol/s UV-A photon flux (370-405 nm). 66 µmol/s
  • Power input 152 W at 230 V AC
  • Input AC voltage 120-277 V AC, 50/60 Hz
  • AC input current 1.3 A at 120 V / 0.56 A at 277 V
  • Optics Patented wide-angle lens with extremely high transmittance
  • Suspension height Rcmd minimum 150 cm × 150 cm 75 cm / minimum 5’×5′. 2,5′
  • Rcmd 120 × 120 cm minimum 60 cm / minimum 4’×4′. 2′
  • Operating temperature 0-40 °C (non-condensing)
  • Thermal management Passive
  • Total harmonic distortion (THD) < 10%.
  • L90 lifetime > 50 000 hours
  • Protection rating IP50
  • CE, UL 8800, UL 1598 Wet location certificates
  • Photobiological safety IEC 62471 – Risk Group 2
  • Standard 3-year warranty
  • WARNING The UV rays emitted by these products are harmful to the eyes. Mandatory use of protective goggles for LED light


Warranty: 3. Years

Origin: The Netherlands

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Why lighting when growing plants indoors?

Light is important for plant development. Light duration is also a method to help plants from the growth phase to the flowering phase. As soon as the plants receive fewer hours of light per day, they prepare for the flowering phase.


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