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Gorilla Grow Tent Shorty 92x92x173

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Gorilla Grow Tent Shorty 92x92x173 tents are of professional design and are suitable for PRO as well as HOBBY programme.


Gorilla GrowTent
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Gorilla Grow Tent Shorty 92x92x173

The height of the tent can be adjusted to 150 cm or 173 cm.

Gorilla Growbox Original GGT33 SH SHORTY, dimensions: 92x92x150-173 cm

Gorilla Grow Tent Shorty 92x92x173 tents are of professional design and are suitable for PRO as well as HOBBY programme. Gorilla tents have large EZ windows and a 360-degree entrance for comfortable access to your plants from all sides. The dual installation ports for the ventilation hose are placed in logical positions, unlike competing tents of other brands. They are made of a thicker 1680D thread density material. The tent is made of the thickest 1680D canvas and is light-proof.

Gorilla tents come with an Extension Kit which allows you to raise the roof of the tent by an extra 30 cm. In this way, your tent “grows” together with your plants.


  • Width: 92cm
  • Length: 92cm
  • Height: 150 cm (173 cm with Extention kit)

5 reasons to choose a Gorilla Tent, CGT SHORTY Series?

1 / Gorilla tents are taller than any other tent brand. The Extension Kit allows you to increase the height of your tent from the standard 210 cm to 240 cm.

2 / Gorilla tents are thicker than any other tent brand. The tent is made of 1680D thread density canvas, compared to 200D-600D of other tents. This makes the Gorilla tent better than the others.

3 / Gorilla tents are stronger than any other brand. The sturdy metal frame has a load capacity of up to a total load, max 135 kg. (2-5x stronger frame than other brands)

4 / Gorilla tents are better than any other tent brand. The joints of the sealing materials are very strong and tightly woven, preventing odours and noise from escaping. The bottom of the tent is reinforced to stop water spilling out in case your water basin or hydroponic system tank should fail.

5 / Gorilla grow tents are better quality than any other brand as the tent has no plastic parts, has the strongest zippers, double canvas at the exit ports for percentilation, thick material not 5x-8x thicker than other tents, the inner canvas is made of Diamond canvas (pyramids) which increase light reflectivity, the bottom keeps water out, they are lightproof, on the side of the tent where the side vent is, they have additional mesh installed which prevents insect infiltration. Inside, there’s also a storage pocket for your must-have gear.

Budseason distributes Gorilla Grow Tents for growing plants. If you would like a tent that we do not currently offer, please contact us at

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BBS Premium

What are the advantages of growing in a tent?

Crop monitoring. It is easy to control and regulate the climate in a room.

Air circulation control. Use a filter system for optimal air control.

The possibility of moisture in the tent is minimal, which prevents damage to the crop.

As the tent is light-resistant, there is no inconvenience from bright light.


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