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GuanKalong Bat Guano Pellets 3 kg

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GuanKalong Bat Guano Pellet Fertiliser 3 kg in pellets is a 100% natural super fertiliser made from bat droppings.


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GuanKalong Bat Guano Pellets 3 kg

Fertiliser GuanKalong Bat Guano Pellets 3 kg The pellets contain a 100% natural super fertiliser made from bat droppings, which will ensure a more even release of elements into the substrate. The fertiliser is rich in micro and macro elements and contains the necessary enzymes. It helps to increase the beneficial bacteria in the root zone.


  • is made of N=1%, P=10%, K=2%, Ca=15%, Mg=0.08, trace elements, enzymes.


  • GuanKalong Bat Guano Pellets 3 kg are used in both indoor and outdoor growing systems. In different peat substrates, soil and coconut substrates.


  • Internal use: mix 1 kg of product with 100 to 200 L of water for the first week of fertilisation. 50g of Guanokalong pellets in a 15 L vase. For smaller plants, a mixing ratio of 100 g of pellets with substrate is recommended.

Guanokalong can be used as an excellent addition to NPK fertilisers. It is quite rich in phosphorus, but low in nitrogen and potassium.

To grow plants outdoors, use 100 g of pellets per plant, every 2 months.

  • Start using in April. Adjust the doses according to the variety-specific, vigorous vigour of the plant. It can be mixed with a substrate and placed on top of the soil as a cover. Ratio 1 kg per 10m².
  • Fill 1/3 – 15 L of the vase with the chosen substrate, then add a layer of Guanocalong (approx. 100g). Then water the plant to the edge of the vase.
  • Add 400g of Guanocalong with your choice of 50 L soil or coconut substrate and you will be able to reuse the substrate at least 2 times.

You will notice how your herbs taste fuller and sweeter, as do all fruits, vegetables and berries.

WARNING! Over-fertilisation can harm soil and plants! Store in closed and dark places at room temperature! If the fertiliser comes into contact with mucous membranes, rinse the eyes with plenty of water. Keep out of the reach of children!

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