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HPS Protect 500 ml

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HPS protect is a selected mixture of organic substances, which is meant to be an all-round nutrient for your plants, and at the same time a substance that protects your plants from the various stresses that could occur when using HPS lights in your space. HPS Protect also helps to repair damage already caused by stress. The HPS protect contains the following ingredients; amino acids, electrolytes and molasses.


Although the promoter recommends the use of additional base fertilisers, they point out that HPS protect can also be used without the use of base fertilisers. Definitely a good way to save money on buying other fertilisers.

If basic fertilisers and HPS Protect are used, the performance of this product will be improved. It means reducing the dosage with additional fertilisers.


Reducing the amount of additional fertiliser is also much healthier for bacterial soil life (in the substrate).

HPS protect: Amino acids and other organic compounds in HPS protect cause the so-called chelating effect. Chelation is a chemical process that increases the molecular affinity of nutrients for each other. This improves nutrient compliance at the energy level. This has two very beneficial effects on the plant:

– Reduces soil salinity (substrate)

– It reduces cohesion in the overall nutrient complex, allowing nutrients to be taken up more readily and spread more widely in the plant.

The amino acids in HPS protect are organic compounds containing an amine and a carboxyl. These substances are of great importance to the plant because they are used to produce protein. These amino acids are essential for providing stress tolerance in plants.

Molasses: is a key source of sugars for soil bacteria and microbes.

USE: HPS protect causes explosive growth of beneficial bacterial and fungal cultures. This keeps the soil (substrate) in an ideal condition and is therefore important for better crop quality.

EFFECTS OF HPS PROTECT: Significantly improved nutrient absorption, significantly improved stress tolerance, increased photosynthetic effect, increased resistance to moulds, viruses and other diseases, improved soil quality (substrate), increased chlorophyll levels (increased light absorption by the leaves), healthier plants, yields and crop mass.

DOSAGE: Spraying/Foliar application in the vegetation-growing phase: 25ml/10 litres of water, flowering phase: 6ml/10 litres of water.

Watering: growth phase: 20ml/ 10 litres of water, flowering phase: 8ml/ 10 litres of water

Shake the contents well before use.

WARNING! Over-fertilisation can harm soil and plants! Store in closed and dark places at room temperature! Keep out of the reach of children!

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Why nutrients and PK bloom enhancers?

To grow, plants need nutrients, which they get from the air, water and soil and use to grow. The amount of food extracted from the soil depends on the crop.

Why nutrients and bloom enhancers?

To grow, plants need food, which they take from the air, water and soil and use to grow. With the help of these nutrients, green leaves (chlorophyll) and sunlight, they are able to form organic matter (e.g. starch, sugar, proteins, etc.). The amount of nutrients extracted from the soil depends on the crop. However, they must be added to the soil as inorganic or organic fertilisers if the soil is to remain fertile. Select the appropriate nutrients for your plants below. You can download the relevant growth schedules from the respective brands.


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