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Carbon filter CAN Lite 4500m³

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The CAN Lite 4500m³ carbon filter is a quality filter that requires no maintenance. The charcoal air filter is tested to provide 99.5% odour absorption and has a recommended lifetime of 12 to 18 months.


CAN Filters
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Carbon filter CAN Lite 4500m³

The CAN Lite 4500m³ carbon filter is a quality filter that requires no maintenance. The charcoal air filter is tested to provide 99.5% odour absorption and has a recommended lifespan of 12 to 18 months. CAN filters remove all unpleasant odours. Their quality of unlimited refillability is what makes these products attractive, both from a price and functional point of view.

The carbon filter is connected to the exhaust part of the ventilation.


  • To select a suitable filter, it is first necessary to determine the volume of the treatment area
  • The volume should then be divided by the desired air exchange rate (the manufacturer suggests 1 – 3 minutes).
  • The resulting number is the minimum airflow (CFM), which indicates the most appropriate filter selection


  • The premium filter is very lightweight
  • Made of high quality materials
  • It consists of a metal body containing small particles of activated carbon
  • Holds even the smallest particles
  • The charcoal insert is wrapped with felt to trap larger particles
  • Flange included in the price


  • The maximum air flow is 4950m³/h. Recommended flow rate up to 4500m³/h. Suitable for industrial premises.


  • CAN Filters
  • Model: CAN Lite 4500
  • Optimum flow rate: 4500m³
  • Maximum flow: 4950m³
  • Flange diameter: 355mm
  • Maximum humidity across the filter 70%
  • Maximum temperature across the filter 80 °C
  • Filter height 100 cm
  • Filter diameter 50 cm
  • Charcoal thickness 5 cm
  • Gross weight of filter 36.5 Kg
  • Weight of charcoal in filter 18.5 Kg


Carbon filters from Dutch manufacturer.

How to know which filter is right for your space? Simple. Multiply (length X width X height of room-Eight in metres). For example: 3X 4X 2m= 24m3. You have a volume of space; 24m3. To calculate the optimum air flow, multiply the air volume by X 60. The end result is a value of the airflow that you need to turn out of the room every hour. We advise you to stick to the recommended air flow rate, not the maximum!


Additional information

Weight 40 kg

Good to know

Active Charcoal

Using activated carbon?

Activated carbon is widely used in home filtration systems. It can be used as a stand-alone filter to reduce or eliminate bad odour and taste, chlorine and a wide range of organic contaminants from public tap water (pre-treated or chlorinated) and to significantly improve the quality of drinking water.

It is also used to pre-treat water, as a component of reverse osmosis, to filter out many organic contaminants, chlorine and other substances that damage the reverse osmosis membrane. Filters made of 0.5 micron block-pressed activated carbon are commonly used to filter cysts such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium.

Activated carbon filters generally do not bind dissolved inorganic compounds, such as minerals or water. salts that cause hardness of water, limescale, antimony, arsenic, barium, beryllium, cadmium, chromium, copper, fluoride, mercury, nickel, nitrates, nitrites, selenium, sulphate, thallium and certain radioactive elements. To trap these contaminants, a reverse osmosis system is needed (some of which are also trapped by filters containing KDF® 55).

Why Activated Charcoal?

As activated carbon, especially granular activated carbon, does not retain mechanical particles well enough, it is highly recommended to install a pre-filter in front of the activated carbon to filter out mechanical particles. The pre-filter extends the life of the activated carbon filter cartridge by trapping contaminants that would otherwise clog the fine pores of the activated carbon, thus reducing the surface area for adsorption of other contaminants.


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