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Metrop MAM 1 L

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Metrop Fertiliser Metrop MAM 1 L for Mother Plants! Specialised fertiliser for Mother Plants, which you will use to make young rootstocks.


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METROP Fertiliser Distribution for the Slovenian and Croatian Market!

Metrop Fertiliser Metrop MAM 1 L for Mother Plants! Specialised fertiliser for Mother Plants, which you will use to make young rootstocks.

Metrop MAM Fertiliser NPK 20-20-8+TE

Mother plants used for cuttings have different nutrient needs than young plants that are still growing. These mother plants have to continuously grow and regenerate from pruning, resulting in a weaker and weaker plant.
Making mother plants is therefore a different technique.
Bio minerals!

With the Metrop MAM 250 ml Biomeral Plant Food, you make your mother plants strong and long-lasting, so that the cuttings are strong and long-lasting. Metrop MAM together with Metrop Calgreen and AminoXtrem is a 3-unit plant feeding line that makes it very easy for strong parent plants to perform for longer with the least possible stress.

After 2 weeks of use, you will have already made several cuttings from the mother plants.
Metrop MAM mother plant is a modern plant food made from biomass that is well balanced and always biodegradable and absorbent. Nutrition for mother plants Metrop MAM is an emulsion fertiliser that ensures maximum yield of seeds and cuttings.
Nutrition of parent plants

Metrop MAM Biomineral Plant Nutrition is a high-quality plant food with all the macro and micro elements needed for plants that are continuously planted.

  • Ensures sufficient phosphorus availability for continued root growth.
  • It ensures sufficient magnesium availability for optimal chlorophyll and protein synthesis.
  • It ensures a reduction with more growth reserves.
  • It contains additional micro elements to eliminate the disadvantage of cutting.
  • Contains Kelpak for optimal growth stimulation.
  • It is free from harmful colours or odours and is not diluted with water: it is therefore composed of only the purest raw materials.


  • Mix MAM with water in the soil at a ratio of 50ml / 100L water and add Calgreen 20ml / 100L once a week.
  • Add MAM to the coconut fibre together with water at a ratio of 50ml/100L water; can be combined with Calgreen water 20ml/100L.
  • For hydroponics, add at least 5 times a day at a rate of 75ml / 100L of water; can be combined with Calgreen water 20ml / 100L.


  • In case of contact with eyes in concentrated form, rinse eyes immediately with water.
  • Shake the MAM packaging well before use!!
  • Metrop MAM parent plant fertiliser is biodegradable.

WARNING! Over-fertilisation can harm soil and plants! Store in a closed and dark place between 5 and 40Cº. Beware of frost! In case the fertiliser comes into contact with mucous membranes, rinse the eyes with plenty of water. Keep out of the reach of children!
Shake the fertiliser well before each use

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