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Organic Starter KIT

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The Organic Starter KIT contains everything plants need to develop a healthy root system, grow vigorously and ensure high yields.


Organics Nutrients
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Organic Starter KIT

The Organic Starter KIT contains everything plants need to develop a healthy root system, grow vigorously and ensure high yields. The kit is sufficient for 10-20 plants (depending on the size of the pot) and can be used for both indoor and outdoor growing. High-quality organic fertilisers enrich your plants at every stage of growth. From vegetation to flowering, plants get all the nutrients they need and can therefore reach their full potential. The organic activity caused by natural fertilisers improves the quality of the soil, resulting in tastier and higher yields. All products can be used in soil or coconut substrate, are natural and suitable for organic use.

Suitable for organic production according to Council Regulation (EC) No 834/2007 on organic production.

Starter Kit contains:

Big plant 500 g

100% natural organic fertiliser made from the excrement of the larvae of the woodlice. Suitable for the growth and flowering of plants, with a huge number of beneficial micro-organisms and all the nutrients plants need for healthy and lush growth. Plants are strong and hardy from the start of growth. Contains beneficial micro-organisms, bacteria and fungi that greatly improve the root system. The presence of Chitin in Big Plant Fertiliser naturally increases the plants’ resistance to pests and diseases, resulting in increased yield, growth and flavour of the crop.

N-P-K: 3-3-3

Big start 0,5l

A high quality organic soil improver to increase yields derived from humic acids and algae. It also contains Trichoderma fungi and Subtilis bacteria for better plant resistance. stimulates plant growth, improves soil fertility, increases nutrient uptake and root growth. used as an additive to organic fertilisers to increase micronutrient uptake. Big start is also an excellent food source for soil micro-organisms.

N-P-K: 0-0-2

Power plant 0,5l

High quality organic fertiliser for plant growth and flowering. ideal for all types of vegetables, fruit, herbs, flowers and also for lawns. Thanks to the optimum amount of nitrogen and potassium, it can be used throughout the entire plant growing season. It also contains plant extract, humic acids and algae extract for optimal root development and increased plant resistance.

N-P-K: 4-0-6,5

Mycorrhiza premium 100g

Contains fully organic concentrated Endo&Ecto powder of mycorrhizal fungi, beneficial bacteria, micro-organisms and Trichoderma. It extremely increases the growth of the root system (up to 400%), which will allow plants to better absorb nutrients and increase resistance. Plants will be more productive, healthier and yields will be of higher quality.

PK Juice 0,5l

Pk Juice is an all-natural plant growth and flowering promoter. It contains the optimum amount of phosphorus and potassium (5 -8), and other trace elements (Ca, Mg, Mn, S, Fe, B, Cu and Zn) needed by the plant during the flowering period. The formula will also provide the plant with vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, C, D3, E and K throughout the whole period.

N-P-K: 2-5-8

WARNING! Keep out of the reach of children, rinse immediately with plenty of water if contact with eyes or mucous membranes occurs and see a doctor. This product is not poisonous! Store in a cool, dark place.Excessive fertilization may damage soil and plants! Store indoors at room temperature in a dark place! Keep out of reach of children!

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Why nutrients and PK bloom enhancers?

To grow, plants need nutrients, which they get from the air, water and soil and use to grow. The amount of food extracted from the soil depends on the crop.

Why nutrients and bloom enhancers?

To grow, plants need food, which they take from the air, water and soil and use to grow. With the help of these nutrients, green leaves (chlorophyll) and sunlight, they are able to form organic matter (e.g. starch, sugar, proteins, etc.). The amount of nutrients extracted from the soil depends on the crop. However, they must be added to the soil as inorganic or organic fertilisers if the soil is to remain fertile. Select the appropriate nutrients for your plants below. You can download the relevant growth schedules from the respective brands.


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