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SUStee humidity meter

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The SUStee Moisture Meter is a substrate moisture meter that tells you whether your plants need watering or not.


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SUStee humidity meter. Size M in green and suitable for pots 10.5 – 18 cm in diameter.

The SUStee Moisture Meter is a substrate moisture meter that tells you whether your plants need watering or not.

Watering is a major concern for those who buy pot plants. It is reported that 80% of plant wilting is caused by incorrect watering. Plants wilt because they are not watered thoroughly, but too much water leads to root rot more often than you might think. With SUStee, you will always know when it is the right time to water your plants.

SUStee is a humidity meter or what can be called a humidity indicator for watering potted plants, which solves the biggest problem of over- or under-watered substrate, which can be called incorrect watering.

On average, we overwater. Some plants do not need a heavily watered substrate as some plants do. It depends on which plants you have at home. Tropical herbaceous plants do not need a heavily watered substrate, but this does not mean that the soil has to be dry.

SusTee will solve the problem or dilemma of when to water your plant in a vase or pot again.

SusTee is a neat and sophisticated little device that you put in the pot and leave there. After watering the plant, Sustee turns blue within a few minutes, which means that the substrate is wet enough. However, when the indicator in the box turns white, it means it’s time to water your plant again.

3 different dimensions are available:

  • Size S is suitable for pots with a diameter of 6 – 9 cm
  • Size M is suitable for pots with a diameter of 10,5 – 18 cm
  • Size L is suitable for pots with a diameter of 18 – 36 cm
  • Available in S, M and L sizes
  • Reusable – the refill is usable for 6 to 9 months, after which it is easy to replace the refill.
  • It does not damage the roots and the plant grows normally, even when the hygrometer is inserted in the soil.

The SUStee differs from all other moisture meters on the market in that it does not act like a float, measuring how much water is in the soil, but rather measures the plant’s ability to extract water from the soil (pF value). This is why SUStee works with all plants and in all types of soil.

SUStee is the first and only pF-based humidity meter for home use that does not require batteries or other power sources. The product is conceived, designed and manufactured in Japan. and has won numerous international awards for its design and functionality. SUStee is the result of several years of development and testing in collaboration with the Tokyo University of Agronomy and Japanese farmers.

Origin: Japan

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Why are pH meters so important?

The pH value indicates how acidic / basic a liquid or soil is. For your plants to thrive, it is important to pay attention to the pH value of the soil and the irrigation water!

Most plants are most comfortable in a slightly acidic to slightly alkaline environment. This corresponds to a pH value of 6 to 7.5.

Choosing the right measuring device depends on factors such as the desired accuracy and your budget. Take a look at our selection and get an overview!

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