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TechGrow T-1 Pro CO2 Controller

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The TechGrow T-1 Pro CO2 Controller is the most advanced carbon dioxide controller on the market. It precisely creates the desired CO2 level in your grow room, making it one of the most efficient CO2 regulators.


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TechGrow CO2 controller

TechGrow T-1 Pro CO2 Controller

The TechGrow T-1 Pro CO2 Controller is the most advanced carbon dioxide controller on the market. It precisely creates the desired CO2 level in your grow room, making it one of the most efficient CO2 regulators. Easy to configure but packed with professional features, it is ideal for beginners looking to build their first grow kit, as well as for the more experienced urban gardener competing for the biggest buds.

With an automatic CO2 dosing meter, give your crops the consistency they need to maximise yields. The adjustable pulse dosing allows you to maintain a stable CO2 level in the microenvironment. It also has a delayed dosing function that allows delayed activation of the CO2 enrichment in your room, making it a smart sensor that can ensure your growth remains in optimal condition even in your absence. Keep track of your progress with its automatic logging function, which has a storage capacity of 7 days.

With its highly sensitive sensor per minute, the T-1 Pro is adjustable from 300 ppm to 2000 ppm or from 300 ppm to 10000 ppm. From the overview screen you can read the actual values of the connected sensors and the minimum/maximum values. The T-1 Pro automatically switches between day and night settings using light detection, and thanks to the built-in calibration function, the CO2 sensor can be calibrated in fresh air.

TheT-1 Pro controller is sensorless. It is compatible with our Techgrow range of carbon dioxide sensors, which act as CO2 monitors and are designed specifically for our regulators.

In the set you get: T- 1 PRO CO2 controller/regulator/monitor, KAYSER reducing solenoid valve and S-2 CO2 Sensor (2000ppm)

Key Features:

  • Fully adjustable from 300 ppm to 2000 ppm or from 300 ppm to 10 000 ppm.
  • Adjustable dosing delay and timer.
  • Automatic CO2 dosing counter.
  • CO2 meter reading stored for 7 days.
  • Pulse dose function for metered CO2 addition.
  • Built-in calibration function that can calibrate the CO2 sensor in fresh air.
  • Displays CO2, temperature and humidity (sensors must be connected).
  • The display shows the minimum/maximum values of the connected sensors.
  • The screen is updated every second.
  • LED indicators for CO2 dosing, light detection and stable climate.
  • Compatible with multiple TechGrow devices.
  • All settings are automatically saved during a power outage.
  • Automatically switches between day/night mode (light sensor must be connected)
  • Energy saving, automatically switches off the screen backlight after 60 seconds.
  • Automatic fault detection of cable failure or poor connection to sensors.
  • Connecting the sensor with a standard network cable (UTP)
  • Techgrow sensors are available separately (0-2,000 ppm / 0-10,000 ppm).
  • Can be connected to TechGrow data logger (DL-1).- NOT INCLUDED

Key features:

  • Control: CO2
  • Action/displays: CO2
  • Optional use of the S4 sensor shows CO2, temperature and humidity.
  • PPM range: 300-2000 ppm and 300-10,000 (0-10,000 PPM sensor required)
  • Day/night detection: yes
  • Light sensor: in the CO2 sensor
  • Character display: 4 x 20


Power supply:

  • Input: 100/240 volts 50/60 HZ
  • CO2 output power: 100 – 220 volts
  • Indoor use: 3 W
  • CO2: 8 Amp
  • CO2 fuse: 4 Amp
  • Power cable: 3 x 0.75 / 1.7 mDetails about the relays:
  • Relay switching capacity: 8 Amp
  • Relay: AC 5AProduct details:
  • Software version: v2.13
    Recommended Sensor:
  • S-2 0 / 2,000 ppm (download link)

    Compact sensor:
  • S-4 0 / 2,000 ppm (download link)
  • S-2 0 / 10,000 ppm (download link)
  • S-4 0 / 10,000 ppm (download link)No Compatible sensors/probes:
  • Temperature/humidity sensor UTP el. cable
  • Temp probe 2 or 5 or 10 metres

    Product size
  • 22 cm x 22 cm x 10 cm (HxWxD)Product weight
  • 1100gContents of the box:
  • TechGrow T-1 Pro CO2 regulator
  • Assembly kit
  • 5 m (UTP-) cable
  • Spare fuse
  • Instructions for useOrigin: The Netherlands

    Warranty: 1. Year

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