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Ambient Q120/ 120x 120x 200cm

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Growbox Homebox Ambient Q120/ 120x 120x 200cm is a growing tent. A good-looking tent that fits into any living space.


Home Box
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Ambient Q120/ 120x 120x 200cm

Growbox Homebox Ambient Q120/ 120x 120x 200cm is a growing tent. A good-looking tent that fits into any living space.

A truly versatile solution for your indoor garden. Plant Growing Tent; Ambient 120Q is used for indoor plant growing under artificial light: MH/HPS, CMH/LEC or LED. It is a 1.44 m2 space in which you can grow enough produce for your self-catering needs.

The surface area of your indoor garden is large enough to grow plants such as: flowers of all varieties, spices, chillies, vegetables, tropical flowers…

The space in the plant tent has enough openings for the installation of additional elements should this be necessary. It depends on each individual’s preferences.

The recommended lighting for Ambient 120Q is 315W, 400W or 600W.

Ventilation: fan and carbon filter 100mm diameter and 170m3 flow or fan and carbon filter 125mm diameter and up to 360m3 flow.


  • Size of the Ambient 120Q: 120 x 120 x 200cm
  • Internal area of the tent: 1.44 m2
  • Side openings: pipe A: + 100 mm (4″), 3 times
  • Side openings: tube B: + 160 mm (6.3″), 2 times
  • Side openings: pipe C: + 200 mm (8″), 2 times
  • Side openings: pipe D: + 250 mm (10″)
  • Maximum load that can be hung from the top poles in the top of the tent: 75 kg max.

Homebox was designed and manufactured in Germany and is still one of the leading manufacturers of plant tents on the European market.

The quality of the canvas, zippers, interior elements is made of high-end materials, which guarantees you a long time of growing plants indoors under artificial light.

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Home Box

What are the advantages of growing in a tent?

Crop monitoring. It is easy to control and regulate the climate in a room.

Air circulation control. Use a filter system for optimal air control.

The possibility of moisture in the tent is minimal, which prevents damage to the crop.

As the tent is light-resistant, there is no inconvenience from bright light.


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