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EasyFeed® 4 way 22 L with CAMO Tank 120 L

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EasyFeed® 4 way 22 L with CAMO Tank 120 L


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EasyFeed® 4 way 22 L with CAMO Tank 120 L

Alien EASYFEED with 120L tank, 4. 22L and 4. Coconut Cube (Brix) 22L

The patented EasyFeed® system meets the needs of every grower, whether you need a four-pot system, a 100-pot system or more. The EasyFeed® gravity-fed system is designed to grow with you, and you can add additional pots to efficiently and easily expand your system. EasyFeed® gives you the versatility to choose the layout of your system. EasyFeed® benefits from a 16 mm inlet hose instead of the usual 4 mm hose, so clogging is a thing of the past and we have left the hose uncut to allow you to configure it any way you like.

EasyFeed® has been specifically designed to meet the needs of soil/coconut growers. As the EasyFeed® is gravity-fed, there is no need for electricity, air pumps or water pumps. The EasyFeed® Automatic Watering System can therefore be installed outdoors for watering garden vegetables as well as indoor plants.

The EasyFeed® Battery Water Timer allows you to control the watering frequency. Choose between watering hourly, daily, every two or three days, or even once a week. Your steady, consistent feeding schedule allows the substrate to partially dry out between watering cycles and, in conjunction with our air fabric pots, dramatically increases oxygen in the root zone.

Cloth pots

EasyFeed® fabric pots are made of a high-quality breathable fabric that allows airy root pruning. When a root is “air pruned”, this encourages secondary roots to branch out, increasing the root mass of your plants.

A system for growing plants of all crops. The extraordinary design of Alien systems is a delight for growers all over the world.

The EasyFeed system with CAMO tank is included in the set. Coconut cubes for 22 L vases are included!

CAMO® tank capacity: 120L

Dimensions (cm):

  • H: 80 W: 40 D: 40

Dimensions (cm):

  • Vase: H: 28 W: 28

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